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Coca-Cola Tribute

Hello! Welcome to my Coca-Cola site! I have completed this site as a tribute to all things Coke, and for my mother. Mom has been a collector of Coke memorabilia for at least seven years now, and has been a member of the Cavanaugh Collector's club since it started. She has just a TON of Coke collectibles, and at present she seems to be running out of room for it all. She doesn't seem to mind though. Like all collectors, Mom is serious about her collecting and as such, just like any other collector, she'd like to have EVERYTHING that she wants.

My mother is missing the following items:
"A Time to Share" 1958 Santa in Chair.
"Christmas is Love" 1938 Santa with Girl
"Ssshhh" 1961 Santa with Dog

Town Square Accessories
"After Skating" Girl with Skates and Coke
"Horse Drawn Wagon"
"Coca-Cola Ad Car"
"Delivery Man"
Town Square Collection
Dee's Boarding House
Train Depot

Bottle Cap Ornaments
"Good boys and Girls"
"Travel Refreshed"
"Busy Man's Pause"
"Now the Gift for Thirst"

Bottling Works
"North Pole Flying School" Balloon with Reindeer

Heritage first edition "Green Sweater Bear" Cookie Jar
1961 Santa on Silk "Ssshhh!", Santa with dog on blue glass

If you can provide these to my mother, or you know where she can get them please e-mail me at treesprite@geocities.com to let me know where to find them. Thank you! :+)

Christmas Tradition

My brother and I and our families have all delighted in helping our mother add to her collection, but of all the things she and we love best about Coke, it is the Christmas celebration. Mother and I enjoy the time we get to spend together shopping for the newest buildings in the village, and we all enjoy the moment when all of the Coke village, and the Coke ornaments go up for us all to light up and see. Mind you this takes hours of work, and all of it careful sweaty deliberation on the part of my sister-in-law Amie and myself. Our reward is when we get to watch the children all walk into the room to see Gummy's Coke stuff all lit up. The light on their faces seems to me to be brighter than the light of the village and tree put together. Coke is our very own Christmas tradition, and may it never grow old!

Fun Games

These games are all fun and entertaining, but there is one thing that you should know before you attempt to play. All of the games on this page require the Shockwave, or Shockwave Flash plugin. If you are unsure as to whether you have Shockwave go to the test page. If you have it already click on the game you want to play. If not, you can check the system requirements and go get Shockwave!




Jigsaw Puzzle


Jigsaw Puzzle



Sliding Puzzle

Web Links

Here are some links to the official Coca-Cola Web sites:

The Coca-cola website! The Coke website
The Coca-cola Museum Cherry Coke website
Diet Coke Resides Here The Sprite website

Other Coke related websites:

Classic Collector Corner The Soda Counter
Tall Glass No Ice Coca-Cola Collector Site
The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Home Page
The Coca-Cola Christmas Collectables Guide

If you would like your Coca-Cola related website,or your personal favorite, to be listed here please send an email to me at: treesprite@geocities.com. I cannot guarantee that I will list any given website, but since this is a links page for Coke websites, if it has to do with Coke, I will probably list the address here. :+)

This website is not affilliated with the Coca-Cola Company. We do not work for or represent the Coca-Cola Company. We are just life long fans of Coca-Cola products.
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