Limber up that lip -- it's time for some tuneful bottle blowing. If you're a mouse-lover, you can click the bottles to play them. Or if you're more of a keyboard surfer, use the A through K keys on your board. To quit, change modes or play an Always seranade, click the Coca-Cola icon. Oh -- and for optimum speed, go with 256 colors.

To Challenge:
Starting with just one note and adding more each time, try to repeat what the bottles play. (When you play a wrong note, we'll replay that sequence.) Once you've missed three times, you'll have to start over. Every five levels, you will hear the Always jingle.

Take Me Back

To Compose:
Got the music in you? Play your own soon-to-be-famous flute sonata or the Always jingle. Just use the keyboard or your mouse. You can record and replay your compositions, too! Remember, they will only last as long as you stay on the page.

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